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Dr. Xu

General & Family Dentist

Dr. Xu - Dentists at Metrotown
Dr. Xu - Dentists at Metrotown


University of British Columbia School of Dentistry

Yanbin was born and lived most of his life in China. He attended the prestigious West China School of Medical Sciences at the West China University in Sichuan where he earned his Bachelor degree of Dentistry in 1989. After practicing dentistry for several years he went on to graduate school at the Asahi University School of Dentistry in Gifu Prefecture in Japan and earned his PhD in Prosthodontics in 2000. Yanbin brought his family to Canada and obtained his Canadian Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the UBC School of Dentistry in 2010.

Yanbin began his dental practice in Canada as an Associate Dentist and after meeting Maria in the UBC School of Dentistry has worked in clinics with her initially as an Associate and now in his own practice. Working with Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Zanjanian in 2012, his practice forms part of the Dentists at Metrotown.

Yanbin has focused his practice on Dental Surgery and has developed many specific means of treatment and sophistication in the practice of dentistry, particularly in the area of Implants and the extraction of wisdom teeth. He is well renown for performing difficult extractions. He believes that everything should be done to preserve natural teeth but when that is not possible to keep bone tissue intact and believes that current implant technology does this with very predictable results and a much lower cost than these treatments were just a few years ago. In respect of wisdom tooth extractions he has developed particular expertise in the use of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) which is the use of blood components to minimize trauma, speed healing and speed overall recovery. In most case Yanbin says this reduces healing time from wisdom tooth extraction to 3-4 days from the typical 7-8 days.

Yanbin, his wife Huili and son Peter, 18, live in Vancouver near UBC and you might see him jogging through the UBC campus and surrounding endowment lands enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mountains and water. His interest in technology extends to his family time and he loves spending time his wife and son playing video games together. He is also fan of basketball and soccer and enjoys water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding.

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