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Best Dentist in Metrotown, Burnaby
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Dr. Wang

General & Family Dentist

Dr. Wang - Dentists at Metrotown
Dr. Wang - Dentists at Metrotown


Henry Goldman School of Dentistry (Boston)

• ADA, BCDA, Invisalign Certified

Dr. Leo loves being a dentist but what he loves even more is meeting new people and making dentistry as stress-free as possible for his patients. "I've come to realize how scary a dental visit could be for most patients. But I always tell them it doesn't have to be that way if we do the little things right". He is a huge advocate of preventive dental care and believes the most important building block for a sustainable oral health is only through oral hygiene maintenance, in other words, to care about your teeth on a routine basis. “Caring is better than curing” as he always says.

Dr. Leo is also very artistically gifted, attributed to his architect parents and upbringing, and that talent translated seamlessly into his dental work. With an attention to details and intrinsic desire to beautify things, you will be in good hands no matter what your dental needs might be.

However, Dr. Leo wasn’t always a dentist. He was born in Taiwan and moved to Canada along with his family during his teenage years. Having the opportunity to experience two totally different cultures makes him very appreciative of the diversity here in Canada. He’s very passionate about travelling and would go on and on to share with you the many awesome experiences from all the places he’s visited. Did I mention food? Dr. Leo is also a huge foodie and always looking for a new restaurant to try out and share with friends, family and his patients.

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